多元宝贝世界 Kiztopia

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Insider Tips
As the attraction involves climbing, sliding, jumping etc., guests are strongly recommended to wear long sleeves and jeans/pants to avoid potential abrasion

Socks are compulsory for all guests and grip socks are recommended for children under 12

[email protected] is always ready to spoil you with the variety of food options available for purchase. No food or drinks are allowed outside of the café

Have a blast with your kids at Kiztopia, and explore this fun park that’s got over 18,000 square feet of space!

Go through the 18 different play areas, including slides, climbing gyms, ball pits, and much more for hours of fun and enjoyment with the whole family! Let your kids go crazy, and make sure to join in the fun too!

Watch your kids have fun and learn at the same time by picking up important core skills and values along the way. Spend a few hours encouraging their development as they participate in all sorts of exciting activities!

KidTopia strives to be the Bay Area’s largest, soft play indoor recreation and party event center for KIDS

Equipped with some of the most exciting and active play structures, Kidtopia seeks to be a unique indoor recreation center that will allow children to develop critical skills at a young age. Kidtopia proactively seeks to provide a secure, clean, and nurturing environment in order for children to learn and grow as they explore what Kidtopia has to offer. In our center, we provide unmatchable customer service and plan to proactively cater to the growing desires of families in hopes to create a “family-friendly” environment where children can actively “explore, discover, and PLAY!”

Creative Zone:Ice Cream Truck, Salon, Mini Market, Kitchen, Doll House, Train Table

KidTopia provides attractions that simulate real life, such as an ice cream truck, salon, and many more. Whether it’s scooping ice cream, being an awesome hair stylist, or shopping for groceries, children can use their imagination and creativity while roaming from one attraction to the next, building social skills and interacting with diverse groups of children. KidTopia features all the necessary ingredients to playfully encourage children to utilize their mind, body, and soul.

Main Play Zone

PLAY is an essential part of childhood development. Physical benefits include the development of muscle groups, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. Some of the social and educational benefits include exercising the imagination, abstract thinking, and problem-solving techniques. Furthermore, there is evidence that PLAY improves communication, language, and learning skills while building self-confidence. Our one-of-a-kind, fun, oceanic Indoor Main Play Zone provides a safe, clean, environment for family fun! We built our playground for kids ages 0 -12 in mind, with soft play equipment. KidTopia has a dedicated baby and toddler playground area to allow younger kids to play in a separated clean and safe environment.

与您的孩子在 Kiztopia 尽情狂欢,探索这个占地超过 18,000 平方英尺的有趣公园!

穿过 18 个不同的游乐区,包括滑梯、攀岩馆、球坑等等,与全家人一起享受数小时的乐趣和享受!让您的孩子疯狂,并确保也加入其中!


KidTopia 致力于成为湾区最大的儿童室内休闲娱乐和派对活动中心
Kidtopia 配备了一些最令人兴奋和活跃的游乐设施,旨在成为一个独特的室内娱乐中心,让孩子们在很小的时候就可以发展关键技能。 Kidtopia 积极寻求提供一个安全、清洁和培育的环境,以便孩子们在探索 Kidtopia 所提供的东西时学习和成长。在我们的中心,我们提供无与伦比的客户服务,并计划主动满足家庭日益增长的需求,希望创造一个“家庭友好”的环境,让孩子们可以积极地“探索、发现和玩耍!”

KidTopia 提供模拟现实生活的景点,例如冰淇淋车、沙龙等等。无论是舀冰淇淋、成为一名出色的发型师还是购物杂货,孩子们都可以在从一个景点漫游到下一个景点时发挥他们的想象力和创造力,培养社交技能并与不同的儿童群体互动。 KidTopia 具有所有必要的成分,可以有趣地鼓励孩子们利用他们的思想、身体和灵魂。

玩耍是儿童发展的重要组成部分。身体上的好处包括肌肉群的发展、运动技能、手眼协调和灵活性。一些社会和教育益处包括锻炼想象力、抽象思维和解决问题的技巧。此外,有证据表明,玩耍可以提高沟通、语言和学习技能,同时建立自信心。我们独一无二、有趣的海洋式室内主游乐区为家庭娱乐提供了一个安全、清洁的环境!我们为 0 -12 岁的儿童建造了游乐场,配备了柔软的游乐设备。 KidTopia 有一个专门的婴幼儿游乐区,让年幼的孩子可以在一个独立的清洁安全的环境中玩耍。

Operating Hours
Friday & Saturday 

Meals and beverages

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多元宝贝世界 Kiztopia
多元宝贝世界 Kiztopia

From: RM39.00

From: RM39.00

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